Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Extinguisher Residue

A fire extinguisher can leave behind quite a mess.  A fire occurred in this bathroom and a fire extinguisher was used to successfully put it out. The residue from an extinguisher is fine and can easily travel throughout a building, moving through crevices and cracks.

Fire Damage with Water Damage

Firefighters work hard to put the fire out of homes and businesses using water. This home demonstrates that a home owner can experience water damage from a fire loss. Here you can see a puddle of soot water. Our team is your professional fire and water restoration and cleanup company.

Content Cleaning

You may be aware that we clean the structure after a fire, but did you know we can also clean contents? This picture shows a table with soot damage on the left and the right cleaned and restored by our professionals.

Smoke/Soot Damage to Air Duct System

Did you know smoke and soot can travel through the air duct system? The picture demonstrates how easily it can spread when the system is running. Air duct cleaning is a component of fire restoration cleanup. We can often restore the HVAC system and ductwork to pre-damage condition.

Cooking Fires

Cooking equipment is the leading cause of residential fires. Our local heroes at SERVPRO of Marshall, Sedalia and Columbia can help you restore your home to its preloss condition. We try to not only restore the structure and contents of your home, but piece of mind as well.

Soot Webs

Did you find webs after your fire loss? It does not make you a bad housekeeper. They are actually soot webs. They form when ionized soot particles stick together in chains. They tend to appear along the edges between your walls and ceilings.