Water Damage Photo Gallery

We use Advanced Drying Equipment

We invest in the latest technology because it helps us restore your home more quickly. Pictured you see a couple of our air movers. They are used to enhance evaporation at the surface level and reduce drying time. They are a great partner to our dehumidifiers.

Our Technology--Infrared Camera

This is the view of an infrared camera, also known as, thermal imaging camera. When water evaporates, it cools the surface temperature. The camera identifies temperature differentials to locate potential water damages.


This is our Injectidry floor drying system. It is used to dry high risk areas of hidden moisture in and under flooring, such as wood flooring. It can also be used on marble, tile, subfloors, and more.

Drying Chamber

The hardwood floor was saved by creating a drying chamber over the water loss. Containing the wet hardwood floor decreases the drying area and potentially speeds up the drying process.

Washing Machine Water Damage

A washer created the water damage in this home. Washing machines are a common claim for home insurers. The flooring was removed and air movers and dehumidifiers were placed to speed up the drying process.

Water Damaged Ceiling

Water was traveling down from the ceiling and created a water bubble to burst.  Our team inspects the ceiling for potential debris that could fall. SERVPRO takes health and safety of occupants and workers as a top priority.