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Are You Stranded? This is What You Will Need!

1/5/2022 (Permalink)

Man Grabbing His Emergency Bag After Getting Stuck By packing an emergency bag, you prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario, which could help save your life.

Although we can't make an auto claim with your insurance, we wanted to take some time to go over some essential winter must-haves to keep in your car. If you haven't heard, the winter storm that pushed through the region last Tuesday has caused drivers to be stranded for 24 hours on I-95 in Virginia. In this situation, people had to bear through the below-freezing temperatures. Many had no food or water and no idea when they would be moving again. The line of cars stretching 50 miles long with some parts of the interstate still closed due to government officials advising drivers to avoid I-95 altogether. Here are some must-haves to keep in your car if you get stranded on the side of the road.

Snow Removal Tools

When you get stuck on the side of the road, your first course of action would see if you can get your car unstuck. If you don't have tools, you might even try shoveling the snow out of the way yourself. By leaving these products in your vehicle, you will have a better chance of getting your car out. 

  • Ice Scraper/Snow Brush
    • This helps keep your view out of the windows clear with no obstruction. 
  • Shovel
    • If you have a shovel, you will be able to clear the snow under and around the car to help get more traction without all the snow. We advise that you start by making a clear and direct path to get you back on the road. Take some time and clear off the car so it is apparent that you require assistance. You should also ensure that you have dug out the tailpipe to allow a path for the exhausted to escape.
  • Kitty Litter
    • Once the car is cleared and you want to turn the car on, you might want to have kitty litter to put on the path you created. Also, you should add some litter under the tire to help the tires gain traction on the snow-covered ground. 

Hunkering Down Tools

Let's pretend that after trying all of the listed tips above, you can still free the car. This is when you need to hunker down and wait for someone to help rescue you. These are the tools you will need to ensure that you can stay warm during what could be hours of waiting. 

  • Extra Set of Clothing
    • When you get stuck, you have to conserve the gas in the tank to ensure that you can drive away once rescued. It will get cold in the car, so packing extra gloves, clothes, hats, or blankets can help ensure you can stay warm. 
  • Emergency Flares
    • When stuck in the snow, you will be surprised at how fast your car can get completely covered. Suppose you notice a snow truck or any other form of an emergency vehicle. In that case, you will need to capture their attention as your location might be hard to see. An emergency flare will capture their attention, and you can be rescued faster. 
  • Jumper Cables
    • If you have your car sitting on the side of the road while you have the engine running, it will cause your battery to die in most cases. So by keeping your emergency jumper cables in your car can help start your vehicle.
  • Food/Water
    • Usually, you wouldn't spend extra time driving your car in the vehicle. When you are stuck, you should be prepared for being stranded for hours on end. By keeping food and water in the car, you can prevent anyone from going hungry. 

Most importantly, if you are driving somewhere when there is a projected winter storm, please adjust your time to allow extra travel time. If you find yourself stuck on the side of the road, please call these emergency road services:

Emergency Police Number: Call 911

Missouri State Patrol: Call *55 or 800-525-5555

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