Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Board-up after a fire

Unfortunately, sometimes a fire happens to a home or business that causes the structure to become so damaged that it is unsalvageable; therefore, unable to be c... READ MORE

Cleaning Soot Damaged Contents

This silver plate was heavily affected after a fire. You can see the smoke and soot damage. We cleaned this plate by dry wiping the loose soot from the plate a... READ MORE

Soot Removal from a Wall

These before and after photos show test cleaning a wall after a fire has spread soot through a home. The soot has spread through the duct work and affected this... READ MORE

A Large Lightbulb starts a Fire

A light in a closet ceiling had broke at a commercial location and started a fire. This job then required full fire damage restoration services. We were able to... READ MORE

Soot Removal on Figurine

After a house fire, salvageable contents were collected and the soot was removed to have the sentimental items returned to the client. We offer fire, smoke and ... READ MORE

Removing smoke and soot

After a fire, there is smoke and soot residue on the property. Walls can be worked on with wet and dry cleaning. Wet cleaning was utilized to remove the odors a... READ MORE